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Thank you so much for serving as auctioneer for the first annual Suwannee County United Way Auction.  We amazingly grossed $4,028 and netted $3,845 which will be used to fund the 22 United Way Agencies that serve Suwannee County and the Suwannee Valley area. You always do a wonderful job, and we are so thankful Jackie Taylor introduced us to you.


Rita Dopp

Executive Director of United Way



"John Hill" has the energy and enthusiasm you would expect in an auctioneer and real estate marketing pro. I have seen him in action at the Florida commercial Broker's Network and he is always in the know and on target. John gets my bid!


Gordon "Mac" Martin, ALC



I would like to thank all of you at J.W. Hill and Associates for the job you did at my auction, the expert way things were done couldn't have been done better by the 82nd Airborne. I also would like to thank you for the way your crew helped my wife through this ordeal. Thank you for the piece of mind you gave me through everything. I had nothing to clean up; your crew did it all.


Faye and Bill Barkett



The auction was a great success and the equipment brought in more

 revenue than expected. Madison County had minimal effort in the auction as J.W. Hill and Associates performed all aspects of the auction from taking in the money to transfer of titles. Based on this experience we would use them again.


Allen Cherry

County Coordinator Madison County, FL




The Madison County Board of County Commissioners, its staff and our office were all very pleased with the efforts of John Hill and His staff in both the promotion of the auction and conduction of the actual auction itself.  They are a professional, well prepared company who do a thorough job in the advertising and marketing of your auction.  They work hard at getting the most money for your equipment and I am sure they will do the same for you.


Tim Sanders

Clerk of Circuit Court  Madison County, FL





I thank you over & over again for your "Honesty" in the work you did for us. Our lives have been in a shambles and we never could have done this alone. We are so grateful for you. God Bless you over & over again.


Bonnie Tomic





Columbia Bank was very pleased with the efforts of John Hill and his staff in both the promotion of the auction and conducting the actual auction itself. Mr. Hill and his staff were able to market this auction of specialized equipment in innovative ways and were able to get potential buyers from up to 300+ miles away to attend the auction.  I firmly believe that the marketing and follow-up services provided to potential buyers by Mr. Hill and his staff was the difference that made our auction such a success.  I would heartily recommend J.W. Hill and Associates to anyone who is contemplating having an auction.


Roger W. Ward

Senior Vice President and Chief Credit Officer

Columbia Bank




Since being elected to the office of Sheriff, I have had the pleasure of working with John as an auctioneer. John has lead our auctions for several years.  I highly recommend J.W. Hill and Associates to anyone who is looking for a highly professional auction company.


Tony Cameron

Suwannee County Sheriff





Mr. John W. Hill has lead our auctions for the last three years. He is very professional and arrives well prepared.  He has a gift for getting a few more bids on items when it appears the bidding has reached the end.  Mr. Hill's services benefit the community in many ways.


Mark A. Carver

Director Suwannee County School Board Facility Department





Mr. John W. Hill has conducted our auctions within the city for the past several years.  He has auctioned off several pieces of city equipment including but not limited to vehicles, trucks and miscellaneous construction equipment. This has been a success for the city of Live Oak in that we saved time and money by allowing Mr. Hill to take the responsibility and advertisement for this service. We consider John a professional well-prepared individual and will continue to use his expertise in the near future


Robert E. Farley

City Administrator  City of Live Oak, FL




I was immediately impressed with the efficiency and professionalism demonstrated by both you and your staff of experienced property liquidators. They turned chaos into order and worked hard to organize, classify and prepare my property for the sale.  I was furthermore amazed at how well you promoted and advertised my sale. The number of people who attended was astonishing. The factor definitely was the determining issue that resulted in a successful sale. The clean up afterward was thorough and most satisfactory. The financial result was far beyond my expectations. I am most grateful to you and your associates at J.W. Hill. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to employ your services, during a most trying period in my life. All things considered, your organization provided me with a service that was priceless.


Michael Burkert

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Ret)

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